Monday, 28 December 2015


... engage in lots of fun activities with my brothers, sister, or friends. These included:

  • Sketch-a-graph
  • Spirograph
  • Board Games
  • Twister
  • Monopoly
  • Cluedo
  • Ludo
  • Chinese Checkers brother and I made our own Cluedo game
and used TV and Movie stars that we were familiar with from our favourite shows. We used house related magazines to choose the rooms for where the 'murder' occurred in the game.   

I always enjoyed going to other family friends' houses to play different games that the kids had made up themselves or they may have had board games that we didn't have. I often would put it on my list for Christmas but I knew 'Father Christmas' or 'Santa' could not deliver everything.

We play differently too, with different people. 
With my siblings - I had the opportunity to play with cars and train sets and blocks all of which my 2 brothers owned. 

Grandparents-at Nanna and Pa's I played with the toy from the cereal packet that walked mechanically with a string across her kitchen table. I played the piano (creating my own tunes), and did some singing at the 3-mirrored dresser in the bedroom. 

Aunties and Uncles (cousins) -I loved playing with my cousins' toys - the ones they brought back from their travels in America such as Mickey Mouse themed games, unusual stickers, and gadgets not yet sold in Australia. 

Peers-I would play with similar toys and games to what we had at home but perhaps a different color, size, or theme. Comparing toys was not uncommon and of course wanting what someone else had was certainly something we experienced back then too.

My website discusses more about play and toys and I even found some of the old toys online. Check it out at

What were your memories of play as a child? Do you still have any of your own toys? Are you keeping them to pass on or just for memory sake? 

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